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Telecommunication systems for your business

TNE Electrical offers a complete telecommunications installation service for your business.

Telephone systems

We offer installation of telephone systems for your business, developed by these leading suppliers:

Avaya - Video, Voice, Mobile on any device

Avaya is easy to use and to manage. Enjoy the experience of voice, video and mobility on any device. It can run on any appliance or device capable of supporting 2,000 users with vitualised software.

Panasonic call centre, voicemail and mobile solution

Designed specifically for small/medium-sized businesses and takes advantage of the quality technology produced by Panasonic while maintaining a decent price. It is a small system but can provide big growth for businesses. Installation and maintenance are economical. It is an ideal alternative to cloud-based solutions because it is a legacy and IP communication system for businesses whose users number up to 250 in a single site and can also be configured and expanded.

Samsung OfficeServ 7400

Provides quality voice, data and wireless communications on a single platform, for up to 480 users. Compatibility with analogue, digital and SIP trunks. Uses standard RJ45 and 19 inch mountable rack. Offers 10 universal card slots, expandable to 2 additional chassis and capability of networking up to 1000 sites.

Unify - IP-based unified communications

Discover new ways to collaborate with usable and easily deployable integrated unified systems. It does not matter how you choose to run your business, these solutions will be able to cater for all your needs. Your business or organisation is provided with with everything it needs communications-wise in order to grow and help you generate profit. Unify was formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications.

Xorcom standard IP-PBX

This range of products are ideal for organisations or businesses with standard telephony requirements that have about 40% of traffic from the telephone. They provide a cost effective and reliable solution for small, medium and some large organisations or businesses.

NEC Univerge SV9100

The SV9100 platform offers new handsets and applications to empower your workforce. Built on the back of the award winning SV8100 technology, the SV9100 provides double the system capacity, yet cost effective from 10 to over 800 users.

Private Branch Exchange Systems

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private telephone network used within an organization. Unlike traditional PBX, where you are constrained to a certain maximum number of outside telephone lines (trunks) and to a certain maximum number of internal telephone devices or extensions, PBX phone system allows you to enjoy the enormous benefits below:

  • Communication with the outside world using different channels like VoIP, ISDN or Analogue.
  • Opportunity to split a single phone line into several internal lines, which are identified through three or four-digit numbers called extensions and also make free calls between users.
  • Provisions of features like voicemail, transfers, call recording, queues, ring groups, reporting, and digital receptionist.
  • Automation of response to calling customers with IVR (interactive voice response).

PBX phone systems are based on standard hardware hence are cheaper and easier to replace than closed systems.

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A broadband is a wide bandwidth data transmission which transports multiple signals and traffic types. The medium of transmission can be coaxial cable, optical fibre, radio or twisted pair. In the context of internet access, a broadband means any high-speed internet access that is always on and faster than traditional dial-up access

High Speeds

A fast, uninterrupted and constant broadband service is the uttermost desire of every company. For these reasons we ensure that all our customers are provided with one of the fastest ever broadband speed on the market making your interactions and transactions super efficient.

Low Cost

Be rest assured your money is well-spent when you entrust us with your broadband services. Not only do we promise the best services available but at affordable prices as well.


What really is the point in having superfast broadband that is not consistent or unavailable at certain times? You can trust TNE Electrical for a consistent 24/7 broadband service- a connection that does not falter and is efficiently monitored. Browse at your leisure without interruptions.

CCTV Installation

Get an eye all over your business premises. CCTV is an ever growing system that companies are having installed more and more each day. TNE Electrical offers the installation, training and maintenance on all the latest CCTV systems available on the market today. We offer site surveys which will aid us recommend: what the advantaged may be of having a system installed, what equipment you might need and where the cameras should be positioned. Call on us for an expertise advice. This service comprises of the following:

  • Site survey
  • Quote of work
  • Installation and setup of all cameras and DVRs
  • Installation/running of all cables
  • Setup for remote viewing via a computer or mobile phone

Storage & Preservation

The recorded information from cameras installed can be stored to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) upon client's request. The storage capacities of the DVR's we provide vary but we ensure are sufficient enough for any business or personal needs. Remember CCTV cameras give you the ability to have eyes anywhere and everywhere but it is also important to store this information for future reference and accountability.

IP Cameras

IP or Internet Protocol Cameras is a branch in CCTV which is fast growing, it is a digital video camera used over a Local Area Network so users can send and receive data via computer network and the internet. These devices possess superior image quality which is one of the most important features a surveillance camera should have, they are also cost effective and easily scalable so the number of devices on the networked systems can be increased. Our experienced staff are easily able to install and configure these devices to suit all your possible needs.

Telephone lines

Telephone Numbers

The right phone number for your business can reflect where you operate, give a local and or national impression as well as having a memorable number which can help your business stay on the radar of potential customers. It can also provide valuable information for any marketing investment that you make and generate revenue if you provide a specialized service.


Landlines are very important to every business; it's the most frequent way that your customers will contact you and the rental cost involved will have an ongoing impact on your business cost.

Line Rentals

You are in the right place if you wish to rent a line. We have a team of well trained persons who are on standby so the minute you make a request we can deliver. Line rental is the charge you pay for an active phone line into your home or business. You can use this same line to acquire broadband. TNE Electrical provides these lines for customers at affordable rates.

ISDN Lines

We provide ISDN lines for businesses and home owners. ISDN is a circuit-switched telephone network system, which also provides access to packet switched networks, designed to allow digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary telephone copper wires, resulting in potentially better voice quality than an analogue phone can provide. ISDN eliminates restrictions and problems associated with converting digital to analogue signals and transmitting them over an analogue connection thus resulting in a faster connection establishment and faster data transfer.

Leased Lines

Leased lines are used to build up private telephone networks (by interconnecting PBXs) or access the internet of a partner network.

Low Cost Calls

Half your monthly call cost and still retain great call quality. Make your UK landline calls for as low as 1 pence per minute cutting down the running costs of your business to the barest minimum.

Hosted Voice-over-internet

The idea of Hosted VoIP may sound confusing at first but it is rather simple. It is a phone system that is hosted in the cloud. Meaning, you get all the features of a phone system but only need SIP phones which run over your broadband. VoIP transmits the sounds you make over a standard Internet infrastructure, using IP Protocol, making you communicate without paying for more than your monthly Internet bill. With VoIP you can make phone calls between sites regardless of your location as you will be using the existing internet connection for voice traffic. Our Hosted VoIP system has started to grow rapidly over the last few years with a number of companies reaping massive savings when compared to other businesses which still use a fixed ISDN phone system. We currently have many companies with sites throughout the UK and even in Spain, the Philippines, France and Germany; all these sites are connected on one network and allow for easy and reliable inter site voice communication.


We are able to network the cameras we provide our users to create a networked video surveillance system which would be a combination of the CCTV Video feeds. Remote accessibility for authorized computers anywhere is one of the features you enjoy when your cameras are networked. The information can always be transported using the internet or a local Area Network (LAN).

VPNs, Security and Hardware

Businesses today require virtual private networks in order to have a secure channel through which they can conduct safe and private transaction. We are able to setup VPN installation for home to home or business to business linking as well as provide the necessary hardware.

Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers

We provide Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers commonly known as DSLAM which are networking devices capable of connecting multiple digital customer lines (DSL) interfaces into a high-speed digital communication channel. The combined data is routed to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) hence we will be responsible for the connection to the Internet. The maximum upload and download speed of a subscriber are set up in the DSLAM.

Category 6 Cabling

Cat6 is a twisted pair cable used in structured cabling for computer networks and carries other signals such as telephony and video. It is suitable for most varieties of Ethernet over twisted pair and provides performance of up to 250MHz. Through the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE), power can be carried over the cable in addition to Ethernet data. Four twisted copper cables are terminated by an RJ-45 connector.

Cat6 is supplemented by Cat6a and Cat7. TNE Electrical gets these cablings done neatly and functional whatever your choice may be.

TNE Electrical are members of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, so all our electricians are authorised for self-certification. This confirms compliance with the latest wiring regulations and safety standards, and with Part P of the building regulations for domestic electrical installation work. You'll receive a six-year warranty and as required by law, we have £5 million public liability insurance to give you additional peace of mind.

TNE Electrical are qualified electricians. We cover areas including Twickenham, Putney, Fulham, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond and Chiswick

If you have any requirements that you cannot see listed, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team who will be happy to discuss you specific requirements. We offer free quotes and estimates and we are always available to offer you free advice. Contact us today on 0208 8191590.